It’s all about YOU!  It all starts with a conversation.  We listen and learn and then go to work. What are the outcomes you want to achieve?  What's the impact you want to have?

Services offered include:

  • Workshops:
    • Fun and engaging workshops focused on great communication to achieve success - within teams, with clients, and other key stakeholders. 

  • Consulting Services:
    • Independent facilitator/instructor for training companies needing a top "bench strength" resource.
    • One on one presentation consulting/feedback - your director to help build your confidence for a standing ovation presentation.
    • Large network of training, HR, and coaching professionals to create and deliver programs with the right resources.

Here are some examples where we've helped customers:

Problem:  An Information Technology firm knew they had great technical talent, however, felt that staff could build more confidence when meeting one to one with clients or at networking events.

Solution:  We customized "Get it Right Conversations" (previously "Improv for Success")  to empower staff and build more confidence when communicating with a non-technical audience.

Problem:  A local private school wanted to build more integrated teams and help the faculty have productive conversations with each other, with students, and parents.

Solution:  "Get it Right Conversations" offered a fun team-building opportunity and resulted in improved self-assurance in multiple situations. Activities were selected that would have the greatest impact on what the client wanted to achieve.

Problem:  A trade association felt their staff could be more effective when presenting to professional members.
Solution:  Our full-day "Confident Public Speaking" workshop was a great fit.  Staff created and delivered short presentations that enabled them to create clearer messages and build the confidence they needed to talk more effectively with clients.

Problem: Making the move from individual contributor to a newly promoted supervisor could be challenging. This local government wanted to ensure that new supervisors could bridge that gap and communicate more effectively with employees and the public.

Solution:  "From Difficult Conversations to Productive Communications" was developed to include role-play situations specific to their situations.  This allowed new supervisors to practice their skills prior to going back in the field.  They learned to diffuse difficult situations with more confidence and have improved interactions with their clients.
Problem:   A local business owner built a successful practice but was terrified to make a keynote presentation at their networking event.

Solution:  We worked one-to-one over the course of several one-hour sessions to fine-tune their message and practice delivery.  The result? A very confident individual who delivered a great presentation!

Problem:  A recently promoted professional was asked to speak at an annual conference.  They had the content down cold but was apprehensive to get up in front of 500 conferees.

Solution:  Practice and some additional coaching gave this individual the confidence they needed to wow their colleagues!

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What clients are saying.....
"I am far less nervous now than how I started.  I couldn't believe I actually would enjoy public speaking!" (Confident Public Speaking participant)
"I walked away feeling empowered from your workshop."  (Quick, Quick participant)
" and informative."  "I am motivated to speak in public." (Confident Public Speaking participants)

"Great course and instructor...was not bored and learned a lot!" (Difficult Conversations participant)